Odd Question - Onscreen Keyboard for the WD Live TV with Built-in Wifi Support

I was watching a review on youtube for the newest Western Digital Live TV with built-in wireless support since I am considering buying this particular model:


As the reviewer was imputting his wireless password, I noticed the on-screen keyboard did not have any buttons for special characters normally on a keyboard, such as ; ’ , . / [] \ * or the ? mark.

Can I type those non-alphanumeric keys with the remote only or do I need a USB keyboard specifically for those particular non-alphanumeric keys? 


If you notice in that video, there’s a button above the “.com” button that brings up the symbols.

Oh, I was under the impression that particular button meant that you could only type # @ and &

Sorry for the dumb question.  It just didn’t look very clear from the layout of that keyboard.

Figured I was over-analyzing things…

Thanks for your post. 

FattyGlutton wrote:

…  It just didn’t look very clear from the layout of that keyboard …


It’s just one of those things you have to see for yourself.   :slight_smile: