Odd--no mp3 playback on cellular with android

This is a bit different problem from what others here have had. The My Cloud has the most recent firmware and my android (Moto E4) firmware and app are up to date.

The issue is that I cannot stream mp3 files on my android device outside of my home network. When I select a song, the album art is displayed, the start and stop times of the song are 00:00, and it never plays. I have no problem streaming videos (mkv and avi) nor do I have any issues backing up the phone over the cellular network to My Cloud. On my home network the My Cloud streams mp3 without a problem. the app just seems not to get past loading the album art over the cellular network.

Also, I can download the song over the cellular network, and play it through the My Cloud app on my phone: it’s just the streaming of mp3 outside of my home network that is an issue.

My wife and sons’ iphones have absolutely no issues.

I’ve reset/restarted the My Cloud, factory reset my phone, re-installed the app on the phone–all to no avail.

This is more an “academic exercise” because I don’t stream music very often, but I am perplexed. Perhaps downgrading the app version is my next step.

any other thoughts?

btw, I had seen a WD post that the app does not “currently” support playback of mp3 files; however, this is obviously not the case since it does play mp3 when at home or downloaded. Also, I did install VLC, but I see no way to select a default alternate player in the android version of My Cloud app.

i experienced the same with iPhone iOS

If your NAS loses remote access, It can prevent accessing anything on the internet (cell access) even though all seems to work fine from home. Even if this solution does not fix your problem it is good info to know for future reference, because it is bound to happen sometime.

Understood. However, I do have access over the cellular net although mp3 will not stream. My wife and sons have no issue.

What app are you attempting to stream with? The My Cloud app?

Yes, the My Cloud app.

Again, I can stream audio files (mp3) on my home network; however, while I can stream video files on the cellular network, I cannot stream mp3s. It only downloads the albumn art and will not stream–I can, however, download the mp3 file and play it.

I have VLC installed, but there is no apparent way to set it as the default player in the My Cloud app.

Your problem is strange because you do have remote access so that videos stream, but mp3s don’t. I use iPhone/iPad and have no issue as long as the remote access is working (as my post described). My guess it could be with the Android app, but have no way to test this.I think I saw a similar issue with Android recently, besides your post. Contact WD Support about the App to see if they admit a problem. Good luck with it.