Odd issue; Constant connect issues; but samba ALWAYS works

So I have a really strange issue with my Worldbook 1TB NAS when I connect it to the router it seems to work for about 5-6 minutes then gives out, here’s the strange part, if i connect it DIRECTLY to my xbox 1 (via SAMBA) it works perfectly fine without dsconnection or interuption. 

  • I have a laptop and a desktop running Windows 7
  • Xbox 1 running Xbox Media Center XBMC 9
  • Regular cisco/rogers router/modem

It always worked before, and I updated and now it cuts out i cant run it for more than 5 minutes connected to the router. 

Any ideas? I wanna see if anyone can help before I try to RMA it or buy another one. 

Also it wont work directly connected to the computer[s], but again its completely fine on SAMBA running on the xbox via XBMC.