Odd bug when pausing YouTube videos?


Just thought I would mention that when YouTube videos are paused, the video does pause, however the related videos list pops up to the right of the screen. Related videos appears at the end of playback of a video in the middle of the screen, but regarding videos being paused, shouldn’t they just pause without related videos popping up to the right of the screen? Also any YouTube video that is widescreen seems to have a portion of either side of the video cut of, where as viewing on the regular site it does not.

Just thought I would add on that if a HD video on YouTube is playing, the YouTube logo could change to YouTube HD. Just thought it would be a nice touch. Pause bug, and video cut of all around the video (top, bottom, left and right) though is the main point of this thread.

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I tested this and the same video (as shown in your idea) shows fine on my Live- I think this may be due to the difference between the resolution of the video and your TV.