Occasionally Files Are Not "Seen" By Device

I really can’t figure this out - been using WD Live Plus for a few years.

Every so often, whether it’s via a media center stream or from the hard drive I have connected to the unit, it won’t “see” an mkv file or mp4.

It seems to be affected if I change the name of the file, too.

For example, here’s a file that isn’t picked up by WD Live


I assumed it was the long title, so I shortened it. No luck.

Also I had another file in there that was as long that was being seen by the device, but when I changed it to a shorter filename it disappeared.

I rebooted the device, and reset the media center connection as well.

I really need to get this fixed. I’m never sure when I have a movie ready to watch if WD Live will even recognize it in their interface. Any ideas on what’s going on? Thanks!

Currently on 1.06.16_B firmware (says it’s the most current)

If you are using the media library to access the files it will take a while for it to recognize all the new files. Check page 37 of the manual to access your files manually. 


I’ve actually only used the manual search (didn’t even know there was a media search setting - ha).

No, these movies aren’t showing up in the folders via manual search. I have tested with a external hard drive connected to unit or via network shares. I assure you that the files are in there.

There’s definitely something goofy with the system where it “loses” files for some reason (or never recognizes them at all).

Would it help to make a small YouTube video to demonstrate the issue in real time? Should be easy to do.

Accessing via a media server is one thing, and the solution to that is unrelated.

When using USB disks, Try turning the media library function OFF and see if the files reappear.

I will test for the external hard drive. Can you also provide the media center solution so I can test? I use the same folder on my pc for all my movies. Yesterday WD saw and displayed the two movie files I had in there. I renamed the files, not the extensions, went out of the folder in WD, came back in, and WD showed the folder as empty. I rebooted WD just to test but the folder came up empty again. Well the folder doesn’t come up at all as WD doesn’t display what it thinks are empty folders. Any ideas of what I can do to test?

Thanks. I really appreciate your help!

In media servers, the WD will only display what the media server tells it to display.  If you’ve made changes to the content, then the media server will need to rescan the content before it will be offered.

When I tested via the external hdd - the device now “sees” the file (which is a mkv) but will not play it saying the file format is not supported.

This happens from time to time when I download movies in 720 resolution (always mkv).

Any idea why WD wouldn’t be able to launch the movie?

As for the other issue (media server) when I rebooted the pc the files magically showed up in the manual search in WD. I don’t know why that gets wonky, but I guess it’s on my computer’s side. I put files in there all the time while connected and I never needed to reboot before, but it’s not a tough solution. To reboot the computer only takes a few minutes.

I do deal with the mkv issue quite a bit - seems the WD doesn’t like to play them. When I launch via my pc they play just fine. Is there something goofy with mkv which can make them incompatible with WD? Thanks.

Ignore - I searched and found I may need to use mkvmerge to correct the file for WD. Thanks.