Occasional squeaking sound WD20EARS-00MVWB0

Since I was running low on diskspace I’ve bought a new 2TB drive. I decided to go with a WD Caviar Green since I already had 1.5TB that is working very smooth and very silent, and has been for more than a year.

But, the new drive makes this occasional squeaking noise (I’ve tried replacing the data cable and even putting the drive in another system). I’m wondering if this is something to be worried about? It is occasional, but it is rather annoying, and I did buy the drive to be silent. 

To test whether the drive was faulty I downloaded WDDLGD and tried to run some tests, I started out with my old 1.5TB drive (quicktest) and it passed in a little less than 2 minutes. The I tried running it on the new drive. The quick test never finished! Or well I left it overnight and cancelled it at 10 hours… I tried this a couple of times and decided to go ahead and run an Extended Test… It completed in 6 and a half hours (even though it first stated an expected completion time of 1300 hours)… After this I ran another quick test that succeeded in 6 and a half minute… After a restart I’m back to not being able to complete the test… The SMART values checks out, but I am rather worried about the sound, should I be?

My system is a E6550 Intel Core 2 Duo running on a Intel DP965LT board, and I’m running a Windows 7 64b. I’ve installed all the latest drivers, so nothing should be wrong there.

try only that drive powered on and see if the sound apears

or  hard drive is wiuth problems or the power supply…

i suspect the hard drive but just to be sure…

Well I did that and it is most definitely the harddrive.

replace it :stuck_out_tongue:

at least it dies slowly for you to backup your data :slight_smile: