Occasional no play

This happens occationaly.  Its working great, but I go to the share drive I want, select a DivX file that I want to play, but it just sits there with the spinning wheel. It will sit and not do anything either USB plug, or from the NAS.

The only way to fix it is to remove the WD Live unit from my self, unplug the power plug, plug the power back in, it reboots and then plays the files…

Calling tech support for the first time, they tell me to return the unit back to the store.

Seams like a software glitch somewhere?? 

Any chance of getting this fixed?  I love the unit besides that…


If tech support is telling your to return the device.  I’d do it.  Something may have happened to the device along the way. 

I say don’t return it. I get the same problem and this was mentioned in this forum a couple of times. Your new unit will do the same thing.

In my case this happens after trying to play playlists containing URLs to net radio streams. It just doesn’t work, and probably makes the media player software inside the WDTV Live crash. And since the on/off button simply puts the unit in sleep mode (without rebooting), you have to physically unplug it or reset it to reboot the unit and get the media player back.

Another forum member got the same problem after viewing some (corrupted?) images. But the point here is that it’s probably a bug with all units, and it seems to be triggered by viewing specific content, so that if you can identify and avoid them, you won’t get this bug anymore.

Or, if its really a bug with specific units, then I got it too :slight_smile:

This is a real shame… Seams like this unit is close to near perfect as far as media players goes…  I mean they can add a few features, but as a player/network device… I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ll return it… try another… after that. I’ll just get my money back and contiune looking for that perect device.


I have a similar problem with my player except my problem seems to happen on almost any media type. The device suddenly crash during movie playback, and the image freeze. This has happened with mvk, avi and other formats. At this state I get no response from the player, and my MYBOOK also stop responding. Same thing happens during a picture slideshow. The player freeze and there’s no reaction. The player even crashes sometimes while scanning the MYBOOK for files. The problems are occasional, sometimes it works fine, which make it even more annoying. I have updated the FW to1.01.11, but the problem occurred prior to this as well.

I guess I’ll have to get the player replaced.

There should be another answer besides returning it…

Since for me it’s almost impossible to return it (I bought my WD Live in the US and I live in Brazil).

Could you post in a new thread the issues you are having? ( and perhaps we can help you)

Fio_Cavallari wrote:

There should be another answer besides returning it…

Since for me it’s almost impossible to return it (I bought my WD Live in the US and I live in Brazil).

I know this is kind of off the wall, but have you tried b.Rad’s firmware? Just wondering if this might fix the problem.