Occasional flashing red HDD lights

MyCloud PR4100 in normal state displays 4 solid BLUE lights (all 8tb WD Red HDD).

When I access the PR4100 to stream videos across the LAN to my WD Live TV device, I sometimes notice a delay in access and the PR4100 lights blinking sequentially with BLUE and RED lights, before the video loads and plays normally.

Diagnostics show Drive and RAID 5 status as healthy, temperatures varying from 41-49degC.

Is this something to be concerned about?

did you find an answer to this Andy - every now and then I notice a drive led blinks red - just wondered whether this is a sign of a drive going bad?


Baldrick1001 (great name)!

Sorry to say I never identified a specific reason. The original problem of sequentially flashing red lights when trying to access certain video files seems to have cleared up, and I haven’t noticed for a while.

I then had another issue, with constant red light on the power button, but I discovered this was a warning that the NAS was getting close to full capacity - it went back to blue once I cleared a lot of space.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thanks Andy - my issue also seems to have cleared up :slight_smile: