NZBget ver 13 install or update

I have nzbget installed , I want to upgrade / install ver 13 (current version thrugh EX2 is 11)

I have tried to manual installl 13.0.tar.gz but it fails to install , any help appreciated

I don’t know much about NZBget app but I recently installed the then-latest Joomla 3.3.3 (3.3.4 was released 6 days ago) few weeks ago from the tar.gz file. It was a piece of cake.

Though I am not sure what is involved in installing NZBget, I want to know what steps you tried when you tried to install the from the tar file manually - as detailed as possible and where it failed and what errors you got. I might have some ideas to help you, so the more accurate details (like path of install, etc.) the better.

Did a little digging - as far as I can see, there is no pre-compiled binary for NZBGet for Linux. If you got your file from here -> , then dude, that’s the source code, not the binary!!

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yep, that’s what I did, stupid me.  

Surely version 12 must be precompiled somewhere…on to look

and thank you, I appreciate your help.

In case anyone else is looking for this, here is the current status.

I maintain the NZBGet Apps for EX2/EX4/Mirror products. NZBGet must be compiled using the appropriate cross-compile toolchain, so this isn’t a simple download.

At each major “stable” build I will try and update the Apps and submit to WD for testing and release.