Nuovo Firmware Disponibil​e - WD TV Live Hub Versione 2.08.13 (10/2011)

WD e’ lieta di annunciare l’uscita del nuovo firmware per il WD TV Live Hub Media Player.

Salve , avete aggiornato il wd live hub con il nuovo fm …ecco cosa va a risolvere e ad aggiungere :

What’s in this update? Release 2.08.13 (10/6/11)
Supports Dailymotion.
Supports Spotify.
Supports YouTube Leanback.
Resolved device hangs when playing certain BD rip files.
Resolved firmware upgrade fails to download bi2 file by using 3rd party wireless USB dongle.
Resolved Flickr causes device to reboot.
Resolved Hulu Plus videos fail to play after pressing mute.
Resolved issues with built-in subtitles in MKV.
Resolved long term music playback over wireless by using 3rd party wireless USB dongle.
Resolved Picasa “People I’m Following” is cut off by overscan.
Resolved several Accuweather user interface issues.
Resolved Accuweather displays incorrect time at midnight.
Resolved several general user interface alignment issues.
Resolved several translation issues.
Resolved several TuneIn Radio user interface alignment issues.
Resolved several Deezer user interface alignment issues.
Resolved YouTube incorrect curser placement when selecting related video.
Resolved VCD files bad playback performance.
Resolved Gallery View gets stuck waiting for backdrops.
Resolved Pandora album art icon missing from now playing.

Ho provato il Dailymotion e il YouTube Leanback , il Dailymotion ha un meno molto semplice e bella da vedere…ma sfogliando tra i suoi menu mi si è bloccato due volte e l’unico modo per uscire dal menu è stato quello di staccare l’alimentazione elettrica.

Voi avete provato…altre indicazioni?