Numerical count of files on SD / imported from SD

Hey there, if this doesn’t exist, please consider it a feature request for a future firmware update.

It would be nice if the mobile My Cloud app gave a count of files in a folder, but a folder viewed on an SD card / USB device plugged in as well as the folder copied to.

The reason is that it would make it easier to know that all of your files copied off the card/USB, so you can be confident to remove the files off the SD card (and/or a non-SD card plugged into the USB port).

This would be good for photographers in the field that want to clear the card and keep shooting.

To do this now, one has to compare file names. or look at the first and last filename on the card, then compare with the files copied over, hoping that all the files between the first and last are there. A count would be a good verification method.

If it’s there in the My Cloud app, please say where it is.

Edit: to be clear, I mean a count of files for each folder viewed, not a total count of files / photos on the device.


Chris, I agree this would be very useful. I haven’t found this feature in the app and don’t think it currently exists. Like you, I check the last few file names but who knows if all the others were copied across.
Maybe someone from WD will pop in and read your post and pass it on to the app developers.

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