Number of plates and heads

I need to know how many plates and heads these WD Re drives have:
This information is not included in the datasheet.

Hello Vasili_Pupkin,
i had the same question for two different hard drives. I recommend you asking the technical support of WD. I got a reliable answer within one working day.

Wrote to them. Have no response in one working day…
edit: got it right now, the technical parameters of the two disks from the list aren’t known to the support itself:
WD2004FBYZ - not published by WD
WD2000FYYZ - 3 platters, 6 heads
WD200MFYYZ - not published by WD
WD3000FYYZ - 4 platters, 8 heads
WD4000FYYZ - 5 platters, 10 heads