Number of Backup Versions in WD Backup

I have started to use WD Backup 1 week ago. Automatic backup is set daily, and happens to add each time 4 GB to the history folder, due to duplication of the Outlook .pst folder files (even though they are unchanged, each time you use MS Outlook they are refreshed, and the last modification date looks like “new”).
According to WD Support Answer ID 24918, WD Backup keeps up to 5 older versions of each file. Actually I can find 7 versions of each Outlook file in the history folder, after 7 days of use. Will this stop sooner or later? This is going to fill up MyBook in less than one year from now.

Hi SMe58,

The WD Backup application does save up to 5 previous versions of files under the History folder. If it’s taking more than 5 versions then you can delete the previous versions you don’t need manually from the History folder. You can also delete the complete History folder as well if you don’t need any of the previous versions, it will not affect the current backup files inside the Volume folder. I am using WD My Passport drive and also back up data on it using the WD Backup application. I deleted the History folder when the drive was nearly full and it saved me a lot of space.

Thank you, this is actually what I was considering to do, even though WD backup application is actually exceeding the 5 previous version (11 days of use = 11 versions).
Anyway, I’ve also tested the restore function by trying to restore single folders on the computer hard drive. It simply does not work. Folders are not restored.
I came to the conclusion that the WD Backup application has more problems than advantages, and I am reverting to the manual backup. What a pity.