i’m thinking of buying the wdtv, but i need to know if i can watch content from the web, like the news or some of the videos on somw stations websites. i watch them now on my computor, but that’s a pain. also will the wdtv stream netflix?


Click on the link below and select the model that you want to purchase and then go yo services to see what you have available.

Thanks, but that just tells me about the “channels” that are available. i’m asking about websites with streaming content, not channels. sites like cbc or ctv, i can go to thier sites and watch video. will WCTV allow this? 

Note: this post is in the wrong forum… The subject product of this forum is no longer sold in most places.

But the newer WDTVs can use RSS feeds, so if content is available via RSS, then it’s possible the WD can play it (if the offered media files are supported.)

don’t care too much about rss, i just want to know if i can enter a url or surf the web to a site and watch any video content on the site. or can i stream said content from my computor?

No to the first question.  On the second question:  It depends.   There’s applications like PlayOn which interact with DLNA players and have plugins for lots of web content.

i see, so there is no browser either? where do you get these apps and what do they cost?