Hi I bought a WDTV Live SMP here in USA

I intend to use in in India

What do I need to know about video formats to ensure that I can use it in a different country?

Any directions appreciated. Thanks!

The PAL and NTSC is only a standard for a composite output signal. It should match the TV you will be using. However its not a problem because you can change the player from PAL to NTSC and vice versa. If you use the HDMI output then there is no problem because this is not related to NTSC or PAL. I use all types of file formats witout any problem.

The only problem you may have is with the power adaptor, it should be a multi voltage / frequency type but it will probably not have the correct plug.

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Thank you, that helps a lot!

I will be using the composite output for a while till I upgrade to a LED TV with HDMI inputs

Power should not be a problem … I will double-check but most devices tpday accept 100-240v and 50-60Hz so they should work in both European (India) and US outlets

I have a couple of simple US to EU as well as EU to US physical adapters that just adapt the shape of the power socket / plug without any voltage conversion – that should do the job though i will check the input ratings before connecting