NTSC over HDMI on LG LV3100 TV

I’m taking the SMP from US (With NTSC over HDMI specs) to India to play on an LG LV3100 TV bought there.

The specs of TV say NTSV-M (AV only)

It does not specifically mention if it will play NTSC-M signal over its HDMI input.

The (AV only) part confuses me. Can someone verify what is correct:

  1. This TV will play any NTSC source if fed in through any AV input connection whether analog or digital (RCA, Component, HDMI etc) but will not recieve NTSC over its tuner.

  2. This TV will play only Analog NTSC sources (RCA, Component) but will not play NTSC over HDMI. This TV will also not recieve NTSC over its tuner.

Loking for feedback, specially from someone who’s tried this.

DOH, read somewhere the output on the SMP can be switched from NTSC to PAL and vice-versa.

Can someone (an owner) verify this please.

NTSC only describes the analog outputs. NTSC has nothing to do with HDMI output.