I have a WD Scorpio Blue 500GB drive that was being tested on a Windows 10 laptop. I need to move it to a Macintosh running OSX. Does WD have a utility to reformat the drive?

I tried downloading a trial version of Paragon HFS+ but it keeps asking for a serial number even though it tells me I have 9 days left on my trial and won’t let me run the program.

@Stealth57 Look at this and see if it helps you.

I am not trying to make this drive work on both PCs and Macs. I need to format it to HFS+ externally so that I can insert it into my Mac and reload the OS. My current drive in the Mac will not boot and cannot be repaired. Plugging an NTFS drive into a Mac (internal or external) will not allow it to be formatted by the Mac disk utility. I need to change the format from NTFS to HFS+ as the first step.

Internal Hard drives (such as the Scorpio Blue) when they ship out of WD’s factory are not pre-formatted or partitioned. So, you can use them in any OS eg. Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android etc.

So, if you want to use your Scorpio Blue on a different PC with a different OS and start from fresh … then just delete the partition(s) on the Scorpio Blue which will erase all data, remove the file system format and make the drive ‘blank’. (You can delete the partition(s) using Windows Disk Management or 3rd Party software)

Once you install the Scorpio Blue into a different computer then you will need to partition and format it for the OS you are using.