NTFS file system corrupted


I have an external 500GB drive used only for music on the WDTV.

I realized that some files don’t play which were good before. After attaching the drive to Win7, it turned out that quite many files became folders with the original name and extension, and the ACL permissions were erased. Most of these files were small and unimportant .cue and .m3u files, but some of them are .flac files which I don’t have anywhere else. There is no way to delete, change permissions or remove read-only setting on these files. I ran the full 5-hour long CHKDSK on the drive, but it did not report any issues. When I run CACLS, it says folder names (that used to be file names) are invalid and refuses to reset permissions on them.

Is this a known issue? Is there a way to rescue these files and the drive corruption without reformatting? Will WDTV continue to corrupt files? Can it be related to my using the public beta release?



i also have the same problem on three drives! i have about 300gb of audio on the drives. i have 1 seagate 500h, 1 verbatum 500g, and 1 wd passport 1tb. i formatted the drives reinstallled the files. i had i file called lockpicking.mp3 which i have no ideo where that came from! and the problem is on the hub and the smp! theire not recoginized as drives. the system would also freeze, and it wont detect anything on the drives (NO MP3s) and i know their is over 11,000 files on it. but i did get it to tun with media library in the off position. sometimes it just keeps saying readiing library when the setting is on for over a day, unless it freezes when i have to pull the plug to unfreeze it. i brought this issue up already! i had no problem before the last firmware upgrade.