NTFS, error code 55, and Crashes Oh My!

Hey guys,

My computer is premium danger of not being able to play minecraft!

(or anything else)

I am able to watch videos and stream things off the internet just fine but when i start

a game of any sort, my screen crashes into a blue and black striped oblivion.

I am 99.5% sure that this is not a graphics card problem or driver problem.

When i open the eventviewer after restarting my computer the only error i can find before the crash is

Error Code 55. The source is ‘NTFS’ and the log says, ‘The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume .’

I have run both Chkdsk and Chkntfs on both the C: and D: drives…

Nothing helps!! Please give me advice if you got it. (ive got enderdragons to kill :D)

thanks again!   :wink:

did you scan your drive for bad sectors?

did you see the smart data?

You may run an Extended Test using DLG.