Now won't play . . . why?

For weeks now I’ve had no problem playing movies from my 2 USB drives through my TV Live. Suddenly, none of them are playable. They all say “Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the user manual for a list of supported file formats.”

Every single file I have (4 TB worth) are DVD rips in mpg2 (NTSC) format. Like I said, they have all played well for quite some time, now I’m getting this message. What has changed? The only thing I can think of that I changed was that I set up the network settings to show movies and play music from my laptop through the Live. Not sure if it has worked since then, but maybe not. Any correlation?

do the files have MP3 audio codecs? that seems to be a major issue as multiple threads show, but its only with the network share, playing them strait from a USB is still working fine, as it seems was the case with your prior to trying the network option

I’m a new user but may have already experienced this same problem with videos I have played once; I recopied them to my USB drive and the same happened, i.e. wouldn’t play them.  I had to reset the HD Live TV to factory settings and everything worked them.  I raised a technical query on WD Support so it will be interesting to see what they have to say about it.

I tried several things, but then tried the simplest . . . unplugged it for 5 mins and replugged it. Works like a champ now.