Now that's disappointing

Just got in two SATA Adapter kits. Looks like they no longer come with magnets at the corners of the frame. I was sort of counting them so I could get something to serve as spacers and stack them together.

Hi, I can get you frames with the magnets- please send me an email with your shipping address and phone number. The plastic frame was originally designed for a digital signage application. The magnets enabled mounting behind an existing flat-panel display without having to unmount the display. The flat panel mounting brackets are made of magnetic steel, so attachment would just be a matter of reaching behind and getting one or more of the magnets to stick to some part of the bracket.


My email is Thanks.

Wow! I’d be delighted… Thank you very much.

They can be sent to: Info deleted by Mod.

Now all I have to wait for is a future Pi with USB3 and a SATA Adapter to match…

–W. H. Heydt

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