Now Firmware v04.01.04-422 Do I have any real reason to update?


Please I would like to get real and also critical opinions and advice!

My WD Cloud now has Firmware v04.01.04-422

I have not noticed any problems with it.

But My Cloud Homepage shows a yellow/orange triangel in front of that version number.

Backgroud: Earlier had a horrible experience after updating. Then My Cloud started to vanish from our home net on daily basis. That problem has now been history for some time. Only gives me a heavy reason to doubt whether an updating would cause some odd problem again…

Would be most thankful for all comments on this issue!

Please see the other thread started yesterday asking the same/similar question about upgrading to the latest OS 3 firmware:

Thank you for the link!
It seems to me that I’m not alone with my doubts…

That should be a major concern for Wd,
I hope it would be!