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Personally, I don’t get too excited about ISO shares.

Maybe cause I don’t use this feature. . . .but aren’t most programs installed via some sort of executable? I have things arranged in a “utility folder” where I store program files. I don’t think I have seen anything distributed on a CD for several years. . . .

. . . in fact, the last four machines I have handled didn’t even come with optical drives as a choice (say. . . last five-seven years). Only time I handle CD’s/DVD’s is when I rip a music disk or movie.

Know what I would find handy? Put the hibernate button on the main dashboard. I have not added a share to my OS/3 NAS units in a few years. . . .(I am pruning down to one share over time). . . . but I often power down the units when I know I won’t be using them for awhile. (say. . .shutdown twice a month. . .rarely run more than 30 days. . .most often 3 or 4 at a shot.)

oh. . . .and if you are monkeying with code. . . . . are you doing anything regarding the sleep issues?

I am not sure. . .but do these units have a wake-on-lan capability? (in OS/3 firmware)

(As you know, I currently have my NAS units on an isolated LAN - - with no internet access - - )

Yes there is interest

thanks - lots of interest - we don’t want to interrupt the progress

'test on multiple devices" yep :slight_smile:
I’ll spare you my picture of every version of the Apple Watch.