Notification that NAS is shutting down every time I reboot my PC?

I recently shutdown my NAS via power down button on the NAS unit, it went thru the normal power down process and eventually shut itself down … all good.

So once I got my PC’s all situated, I powered up the NAS again (manually hit the Power button on the unit). All good, except that one of my PC’s (Win10 64bit) will always show me a notification that my NAS is shutting down. I clear all messages every time, but the message just keeps coming back.

The NAS unit itself is functioning perfectly, no issues. So it appears there is a bug in the NAS notification service that makes it think the unit is shutting down when it’s not.

Firmware is the latest 2.11.133 … no issues after running a SCAN.

Cheers, Rob.


What application is showing you the notifications?

Check if you have an additional application on that PC that is not on the other one.

It’s the standard WD monitoring app that comes with installation. Even when I have events set to show ONLY critical (I guess shutdown is considered critical). I didn’t install that app on my other PC hence no notification.

I guess I can just uninstall the app, but reporting here to let WD know the app seems to have a bug.

Cheers, Rob.

The WD app on your PC is poorly written and apparently polls the NAS for notifications (old or new) each and every time it is started. Go to your NAS web application and delete all the old notifications by clicking on the bell icon at the top of the screen to stop them from being displayed on your PC again.