Nothing wrong for me

Windows 7 user who has been streaming movies from CPU to direct tv box…Well thats bitrate limited and ya cant fast forward or rewind plus it only read mpeg videos…So I ran into a bunch of people online saying use WD live its so much better then using the Direct tv box…So I impulse buyed the thing and then proceeded to read all the forums…

Been plugged in now for about two hrs…I connected immediately to my files played movies with MKV w DTS sound and with AC3 sound…No audio sync issues and no judder issues…Will report back if the thing all of the sudden falls of a cliff

Welcome to the forums.

While I’m supremely glad for you, let’s hope this doesn’t fall into the “famous last words” context (as Custer once said, “Hey, those look like *friendly* indians!”)

My setup is half wireless CPU to router via a N connection I then have a 25foot Cat5 running to the back of media player… Folders are setup for sharing…So i’m playing directly through windows sharing service WMP12 is closed… One of my curiosities was how much CPU power would be used…Ran about 4min of a 1080p mkv that normally takes up about 70to80 percent CPU…But streaming it well I suppose the media player does the heavy lifting as my CPU was only like 11% or less…

Right.  Your computer is only serving the data from the hard drive, so no computing is really used at all.  The Live, OTOH, is doing all the decoding and playing that your CPU would normally be doing running media playing software (it’s really kinda the whole point of using a hardware media player).

Sounds like you’re doing all the right things - hope you continue to enjoy your Live (I sure love both of mine).