Nothing Working EX2

I own the EX2

I’ve tried connecting via 192.x.x.x
I’ve tried using
I’ve tried using the WD My Cloud App on Mac
I’ve got a solid power blue light and a regular - irregular flashing drive lights
I’ve changed the ethernet cable
I’ve got two green lights on the ethernet port at the back - one flashing - one solid
I’ve tried it in the other three available ports on my router
I’ve left it switched on, pressed the reset button till the power light flashes and goes solid blue again.
It use to work…just in case anyone was wondering…

Still can’t connect - anyone?


You have tried most of the suggestions that you can get here in the community. As a recommendation, try creating a case on the support page.

See if the following link helps

Provide as much details as you can so the support team can help you with that.