Nothing plays!

long story short.

Hub #1 - hard drive went bad after 5 months.  Trashed. bought new Hub.

Hub #2 - came with 2.04.13 - everything works fine.  i have about 600GB of video on the internal drive.  updated firmware to 2.05.08 - Now NOTHING PLAYS! No videos or MP3 music.  pictures work… I’ve tried rolling back firmware through all the versions all the way back to the original 2.02.16 - nothing works.  I’ve loaded some videos on an USB thumb drive… it wont play those either.  called WD Support today… Went through tier 1 support… then to Tier 2 support… was on the phone 1.5 Hours… NOTHING!  I decided to buy yet ANOTHER Hub…

Hub #3 - came with 2.04.13 - decided to update to 2.05.08 - NOTHING PLAYS!!! Has 2.05.08 completely broken HUBS!!!  Help!

I personally would not have bought a third one, if I had had your troubles…

But looking at this fom an outsider, if the hard drive went bad after 5 months, why did you buy a new one, thats what warrantys are for.

If everything was working with firmware 2.04.13, and then you upgraded, then it didnt work, and then you rolled back, well it should be as it was, working.

Although there are isssues with it, it does play files.

I think you are doing something when rolling back, updating or generally playing files, 2 Hubs with the same scenarios, sounds awfully strange.

And why do you keep buying Hubs, you bought 3, when the first 2 were under warranty, do you work for Popcorn Hour, all sounds very strange ?

You bought 3 hubs and now ask for help. As the previous poster said there are warranties on these units and they are at least a year. Given your bad luck I would send them all back and buy something else.