Nothing happens when plugged in

This is the hard disk that i have 

Its 1.5 tb, and I bought it at around June 2010.

So today I plugged in my hard disk and it worked perfectly. Then I decided  to watch a movie and the movie didn’t load, so I used task manager to stop the program. I don’t know what happaned, BBOD just came out. Afterwards, my computer restarted and it doesn’t load windows  (I had still have the  hard disk plugged in). So I thought something was weird and I unplugged the hard disk (usb cable) and windows started to load. ( I am currently using windows 7). 

So after loading everything in Windows, I decided to plug it in to my computer again. And nothing comes out, the lights keep flashing. There are no USB manager, nothing pops up and I see nothing in My Computer. 

It not just affects loading windows, it even affects shutting down windows.

I don’t know how to fix this, can someone please teach me how to fix this? I want to avoid formatting as there are many important data in the hard disk. 

Welcome to the club… :robotsad:

Hope someone hear us

You probably have a better chance winning the lottery!


have exactly the same problem…

did you fix it?

chrissyj wrote:

have exactly the same problem…

did you fix it?

nah!  U guys should ask for a R·E·F·U·N·D!  :robotwink: No way!!

And remember: there’s no backup until you have made the third backup of the second backup of your original data. :robotmad:

Maybe we can stay in touch, in case either of us finds the fix… ← My problem with a 1tb and a 2tb.

Here the local Walmart has put the same model of hard drive as yours for $90. They charge 10 bucks MORE for the 1TB ($100)- So far I seen them do this twice and each time they sold out of the 1.5 TBs fast. I still wonder why they would charge 10 dollars less for a hard drive 50% larger? They may be sold out of the 1.5s now, but who knows.

I realize that any product sold has PRO and CON posts about it online. I just jope the positive posts are more correct.