Nothing Happening inside the Hardrive

My G Drive USB 4TB is plugged in correctly, connected to my computer as it has always been and the light is powered on but there is nothing happening. It’s not starting up. I can’t hear anything happening from it anymore, when I put my hand on it, usually I can feel it running. I’m getting nothing and my Mac is not recognizing it at all. Any way to fix this without sending it in for warranty? Any help is much appreciated.

Double check your power adapter and make sure its the correct one. It is often swapped without realizing it. The drive should have a 12v 2a power adapter.

If you verify you have the correct one and it still reacts this way then your best option would be to try removing the drive from the enclosure and swapping to another enclosure or SATA to USB dock/adapter to see if the enclosure is what is not allowing the drive to spin up.