Notebook can only connect to my WD My Book Live when on the same network

I can’t connect when I’m away and trying to connect over the net. It says the network path was not found. I’m using Windows 7 Home.

Also having connection problems when I’m using my ipad and iphone. It only works some of the time.

Anyone had this problem?


You cannot connect to the MBL when you’re not on the same network.

You need to use WD 2go to do remote access.

That’s not how it was sold to me. Thanks!

Anyway, I use WD 2go on my ipad & iphone and have problems connecting on both. Any help on this?

What’s the problem?

I get the message - ‘This device is inaccessible; only local files are available.’

Try deleting the MBL from WD 2go connection list and re-pairing.

I have an iPad and iPhone and have noticed that they dont keep the connection to the MBL unless I am pretty close to the router. If I am in the same room there is no problem streaming audio or video but if I move through the house I lose the connection to the MLB. This is even when it shows a signal that is plenty strong and I can easily access the Internet. Not sure why this is but I figure upgrading the router (from linksys 54g) to something more powerful would solve it.