Not visible in Windows, Only access via Web or FTP, Green light blinking


I am lost.

Since I moved my data to the box (music, pictures and video - about 280 GB) I am unable to access those data via Windows 7 /XP, though I can access them via ftp.

The web front end is accessible, but not working properly. I am unable to change lot of parameters - being precisely - I can change them, but can not save them. I only get this message - saving parameters etc. - but the box is frozen until the message about a communication error appears.

The box is now running for more than 48 hours and the green light is blinking (showing some internal activity) - the NIC is working as well - blinking green.

Seams very strange, but at the moment I hesitate to power it of, because of my data.

Any thoughts?

After 48 hours waiting I think you will have to bite the bullet and reboot the Mybook.