Not that I care

But with the new firmware the WDTV Live SMP still glitches when playing 24 bit FLAC in an MKV container.  Apparently EAC3To is prone to using rather large frame sizes, so I’ve tried using MakeMKV instead but even using either the highest or lowerest compression settings I can only reduce the the amount of glitches occuring during playback and not eliminate them entirely.  As I’ve shown before, the glitches remain even if the FLAC is the only stream in the file yet it will play back fine if removed from the MKV container into a .flac elemental stream so it’s definitely some idiotic programing error written into the MKV demuxer.  I guess I’ll unplug the thing again and try again next update.


Are you experiencing this situation while using a local storage or streaming the files from a network location?

Last time I took the time to check, it happened both over DLNA and from a USB flash drive but that was a while ago and generally I only play the things over DLNA.  (Mezzmo is set with transcoding turned off).