Not tech-savy.. trying to connect my WDTV Live Hub to my Mac to upload files to it

Hey, Someone please help me…

I got the WDTV Live Hub for christmas and I am currently trying to connect it to my Macbook to upload some movies to it to watch from my tv.

I currently have it connected to my Mac via an ethernet cable. My Mac is reading that the device is there but can not connect to it (I click on the device in Finder and it says ‘Connection Failed’).

I tried to download the WD Discover Tool but it apparently does not run in Mac Os X.

I just want to watch some movies… someone please help.

I think you need a crossover ethernet cable to make a direct connection between the mac and the hub.

I think you could copy the movie files to a USB drive, then use the WD TV Live Hub to copy these to the internal drive.

If you have a home network, plug an ethernet cable in to the WD box and it will show up in your Mac’s shared devices.