Not starting anymore


When I start my WD TV Livehub  media player it starts only till the WD logo apears and then shuts off again ???

Does anybody lnow what this is and can the device be reseted ??

Welcome to the club! I and a lot of live hub owners experienced this problem. It has something to do with the hub’s power switch circuit board. A lot of threads talked about this problem so if you’re interested to read, I’ll point you to the original thread which can be read here This thread contains 29 pages so to help you summarize, it’s basically telling you that you have two options to resolve this problem.

  1. Do WD’s official solution which is to RMA your device and that is posted here

  2. If you don’t want to RMA your device, do the remedy that I suggested which is to disconnect the cable between the mainboard and the power switch and that is posted here