Not smooth mp3 playback

If I am playing mp3 files in a folder ( the same album) we all know there is a gap in between the songs and not a smooth transition. I assume WD are working on this. My question pertains to the way a new song starts playing. It seems to sorta “jump” into it, skipping the first second or so. This sounds rather … clumsy. Is this a known bug? I wonder if its because my surround receiver loses the signal from the WD in between songs and then picks it up again a tad too late?

That’s exactly the issue; the WDTV begins streaming instantly, instead of putting a “Sync” signal at the beginning.   

If you listen via the analog audio jacks, you won’t hear a delay.  

I think it’s just a limitation of the box…

Thanks! It works if I use analog.

The issue seems to have been resolved with the latest beta firmware.