Not showing in BIOS WD Blue SN550 1TB M.2 Pcie NVMe SSD >


I don’t have a strong technical background so require a bit of help.

I’ve installed a 1TB WD Blue SN550 M 2 Pcie on my Gigabyte B450 ds3h F50 BIOS version. The BIOS is set to optimised defaults… The M.2 is recognised in Windows 10 and l have allocated the drive. However, in the BIOS it shows under Peripherals NVMe configuration but l cannot see the drive under Boot Option Priorities.

My intention is to clone my OS to the M.2 then assign it as Boot Option #1 and use it as my primary drive. My two other drives are a Kingston 120gb SSD and a WD 1TB HDD. The OS is on the SSD.

Can anyone give any advice on what l need to do?


From this “my intension is” I conclude that the OS is not yet installed?
If so, first install the OS.

I tried to install the cloned drive but came up with an error Am getting assistance from my employer’s IT department tomorrow. Gigabyte who manufacture my mobo have also come back with the correct BiOS settings .

Hopefully l can use the clone and avoid a clean install.



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Not showing in BIOS

I’ve installed a 500Gb WD Blue 3D NAND M.2 (2280) Pcie on my Asus 970 Pro Gaming/Aura mobo as its compatible.
I wish to clone my OS (from my 480Gb ssd) to the M.2 then assign it as Boot Drive. Only the ssd is not recognised in the BIOS…?

Whilst searching for answers in my Computer Management i discovered that it may be being recognised as a Mass USB Storage instead…

I would much prefer cloning my current ssd as i don’t really want to lose all my current information/games/settings by reinstalling windows…?!

If anyone can help then please get in touch, this problem is not going away quick enough >>?!


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Just to update my reply. I bought a cheap Intel NVME drive that worked flawlessly. I’m still not sure why the Western Digital one didn’t.