Not saving Mac backups maximum size setting

Hi there

I have recently purchased My Cloud EX2 to use as a backup drive for my 2 mac at home.

2 users and 2 separate folders are created for each time machine backup using the mycloudex2ultra.local web UI. Then I went to Settings > configure for mac backup to change the maximum size for each folder to be 1TB.

All seems to be working fine until I discovered the maximum size setting is not saved. If I change folder A to be 1TB, folder B setting will go back to the maximum size, which is 3.8TB. If the change folder B to 1 TB, folder A setting would change to 3.8TB.

Not saving the maximum size setting seems to reflect on the time machine where showing the available space from the drive.

Does anyone has the same issue and any thoughts on this?



Edited: running firmware version 2.30.174

Hello, 2lo

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support