Not recognizes more than 1 partition

I have bought a new Seagate 1TB external drive.

I have partitioned it in 3 partitions:

  • 1 of 650gb ntfs 4k cluster (primary)

  • 1 of 200gb ntfs 4k cluster (logical)

  • 1 of 100gb ntfs 4k cluster (logical)

I have media files on all partitions

When i plug the drive on my  “wd tv live streaming” it only mounts the first partition (the primary one), after that i extract safely the drive from wdtvlive and when i plug the hdd on my computer and windows 7 doesn’t recognize the other 2 logical partitions !!! I have to do a chkdsk to fix them.

Why is this happening?

I think it only recognizes one partition per external hard drive. 

No, you are wrong, as i said before this is how my disk is partitioned:

  • 1 of 650gb ntfs 4k cluster (primary) --> for movies, tv shows…

  • 1 of 200gb ntfs 4k cluster (logical) --> for backups

  • 1 of 100gb ntfs 4k cluster (logical) --> for software

Well, i have discovered that the WD can not handle partitions with to many files and a big directory depth.

I have deleted the software partition and converted the backups partition from logical to primary and… voila !!! now the WD shows the other two partitions.

I think that WD have to study and solve this issue…