Not really TimeMachine compatible

I bought the 3TB MyCloud to use with TimeMachine. As per usual Mac support is a bit sketchy - everything feels more like a workaround than a purpose-built solution. But hey, I’m a WD fan and it’s $200 cheaper than TimeCapsual so I thought I give it a go. 

But seriously, USB 1 would be faster. 

And yes, before you ask, I’ve wasted several hours delving through the forums. I tried connecting directly and the speed is about what it should be. 

My initial suspicion for TimeMachine’s sluggish performance was the router of course. And being a loyal WD user, I went and bought a brand new WD My Net N900 thinking it would be the best router to pair to my WD drive. 

But now I’m more than $300 down (TimeCapsual territory) and it’s still painfully slooooow. I’ll be an old man before the thing’s backed up 1/2 of what’s on my iMac. 

I guess if anyone has any suggestions I’ll give them a try. But I think I’ve tried everything - it’s just the way the thing indexes small files etc. 

I have to say I’m disappointed after spending all this money on WD products. I don’t think you can really claim they’re fully TimeMachine/mac compatible. They work, but only just. Nowhere near the speed they should, and as per usual with most products that aren’t actually made by Apple, Mac compatbility feels like a workaround. 

I guess once you’re with Apple, you just have to buy into the whole ecosystem. And pay the $$ that entails… 

Totally wishing I’d sprung for the WD 2TB firewire drive now. 

I’m really sorry to hear that you are having a slow connection.

As a recommendation, make sure that both devices are up to date regarding the firmware of each product.

Please see the following link. hope it helps encreasing the transfer rate.

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