Not Re-Syncing with Portable USB Drive

I recently bought the WD TV Live Hub Media Center and pluged an external portable 1TB USB Drive in it.

I think I accedently pressed the button and stopped it from syncing. then it didn’t ask me again when I plugged it back in. I played around with it and unplugged and plugged things in and can’t remember exactly what I did but got it to sync. now i went to sync it for the second time and again it’s not syncing is there any way to get it working without having to reset or manually sync it? 

I think you solved your own question, but you don’t want to reset it or manually sync the files…

I haven’t solved my question, the user manual says it will sync over files (that aren’t on the internal drive) automatically from the usb device when plugged in again. This is not the case, it only does sync first time then doesn’t come up again.

So is this a fault or just the way it is?

It is a fault, and the alternatives are to reset to check if it can fix it or to do it manually.

Just to clerify, when you say do it manually, I have to copy and paste each new file from the usb device to the internal harddrive of WD Hub?