Not re-connecting to home wifi

MyPassport (upgraded to 1.04.06) when rebooting does not connect to the previously connected wifi point.

After a reboot I need to connect to the MyPassport wifi and manually reconnect it to my home wifi service.

Tried (dis)enabling wifi using the button…


Mine is a bit slow to reconnect after a reboot as well.

You can try pressing the Wi-Fi button just until the Wi-Fi LED starts flashing, which means it is in WPS mode. Actually, you have to press the button for about three seconds and then release it to get the LED to flash. That sometimes speeds up the reconnection.

Or you could try going into the Dashboard, telling the MPW to forget the Wi-Fi network you want it to reconnect to, reboot, and then set up that connection again. That may clear up any lingering issue with the connection.

Even when the MPW does connect to the network, it can a little while to show up in Windows Explorer.

Thanks, will try the long(er)-press next time.

Yes, in the manager I usually have to forget the network point (or else it fails to connect) then turn off/on the wifi and then re-enter the security code for a successful connection.

Should be easy, quick and automatic though, if wifi was connected (and passkey entered) it should re-enable that after  reboot or recharge.

Tried a few more times…

After a boot up the wifi starts to blink (for about a minute) and seems to be doing the WPS initiation, or if I hold the wifi button for three seconds the same ‘flashing’ happens.

While this flashing is happening I can direct connect to the Mypassport wifi hotspot and admin the drive but it wont re-connect to my home wifi automatically.

Usually when I try to connect to my home wifi (after a reboot) it will fail, I have to forget the network and re-connect and re-enter the security key every time, every reboot.

Looked into WPS and found it on my modem,

Throught it should just connect like every other device does when you search for the wifi name and connect, perhaps WPS will allow it to directly connect or (will try a few times yet) RE-connect.

The WPS button trick is a bit of a work around.

A Wi-Fi device like the MPW should just search for and connect to a Wi-Fi network that it knows about when it is turned on. Just like your phone reconnects to your home Wi-Fi network, and your TV, HTPC, laptop, IP phone, etc.

So, the MPW obviously isn’t perfect in this respect.

You could try doing a System Reset (not a System plus Disk Reset, since that will wipe your data). and once that is done, check the firmware version, and if it has reverted to an earlier version, update to the latest again, 1.04.06. See the manual for details.

If you continue to get the problem, I think it will be time to contact WD Support and perhaps get a replacement MPW.

I have the same problem and its annoying. Every time I come back from work I have to press the wifi button on the My Passport wireless then connect to its hot spot, then connect the drive to my home wireless network. It simply dont connect to it by itself non matter how long I leave it on.
What can be done? What should I do?