Not putting out 5.1 Audio when it should - any suggestions please?


My new Live Media box is not putting out the 5.1 digital sound that’s encoded to my .mkv films.  It’s only putting out Dolby Pro-logic ll according to my amp (Which shows 5.1 when playing a DVD but PLll when playing through the live streamer)

I’m using optical audio cable and have selected in the audio menu

Am I doing something wrong or is my box faulty?


Here’s what it says in the manual:

"Audio Output

Use this menu to select the audio output mode.

Options include:

Setup > Audio/Video Output > Audio Output > Digital Pass-Through via Optical Only

Now select all that are appropriate, but at least Dolby Digital Capable Receiver and probably DTS.

Navigate right to check mark and set.

Now go play and you should get DD, etc. 5.1 if you have the right audio track selected.  If there is a non-5.1 track that gets played by default then use the Audio button on the remote (top right) to select another audio track.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I’ve already done all you suggested but my amp still says PLll signal.  The amp is DTS and Dolby 6.1 capable but the WD Live unit seems to only put out the PLll

I’ve selected different audio options, when they exist, Dolby Digital, DTS, AVC etc but although the amp flickers it’s display to confirm the audio input has altered, it still reverts back to PLll

any other suggestions please?  It’s driving me daft as it was one of the main reasons for buying the box.


What I posted definitely works for a functioning SMP with properly formatted MKV files.  Assuming your SMP isn’t defective, the next thing to check is probably the files.  Can you should post mediainfo output from a non-working file?  How did you create these files?  Do you have any other format or differently created files that you can try to see if anything works?  How is the SMP getting the files (share, external disk, etc.)?


the mkv’s are being read from either an attached usb hard drive or over the wired network.  There are about 30 files, all from different sources, not encoded by me and I get the same result with all of them.

I guess it’s a faulty one?

also, it won’t play some avi files but will play others, even when created from the same source, same program, just says incompatible file

You need to download the free mediainfo ( and make sure the mkv files you are trying to play really have 5.1 audio tracks in them.  I also would suggest downloading the “Planet” mkv test file from this site:   It contains a single 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track, and played fine for me via SMP (SMP and receiver both ID’d track as DD).

Have you made sure your receiver is properly setup and functioning?  Can you plug the toslink cable into a DVD player instead of the SMP and get the receiver to ID 5.1 sound?

Seems unlikely the SMP would be faulty only in not putting out multi-channel digital data, IMO.

Yes, the SMP recogises all the mkv’s as having either DTS or Dolby Digital and yes, my amp confirms either DTS or 5.1 from my DVD player (It auto recognises the formats)