Not powering up

My 2tb is not powering up. A blue flashinh light comes on and stays on but the unit never comes on, therefore my computer does not recognize it. Ive swaped computers and power converters and still there is no hard drive noise or spinning. The unit is a year old and Ive been using it to store family videos. This is my only source of storage. The unit has not been dropped or mistreated. Any ideas? …

Hello and welcome to the community.

I recommend you try some basic troubleshooting:

1- Disconnect the drive from the computer and restart the computer.

2- If the computer is a desktop, connect it on the back USB port (directly to the PC, not through a hub).

3- Make sure you hear the connection sound windows makes when recognizes a USB device.

4- Go to "Disk Management” to verify if the drive shows up there.

If the drive shows up in disk management but it is not seen on Computer, then it means the partition is corrupted and you will have to format it in order to use it again. Please note that formatting the drive will delete all data stored on it.