Not possible to copy on drive


I’m using EX2 on mac for months and face a problem for a long time.
When I try to copy files on the drive, I get the message that the drive is full and can not copy to it. Fact is that 1.4 To free on the drive.

I tried support using Static IP but nothing work… On ly way to copy in drive is to reste the drive before copy which is not acceptable.

Any Idea?

Thanks for the support


Hi there,

Do you get the same problem from a different computer ? Also try to restart the unit, see if it helps you out.


well… I also get this advise and, it works. I can copy files to my EX2 after reboot or shutdown restart of the EX2 Unit.

But if I need to shutdown or reboot my EX2 drive to copy a file on it, I’m sorry, but it’s Not a way to work with a NAS…

I need to find a way to secure the write/use my NAS Without the need of reboot or shutdown/restart my device to write on it.

How long does it take before the issue starts? Also would like to know how the computer is connected to the network.

Well there is no rule. It can work 4 days in a row and then bug 2 times the same say.
Both are connected via Ethernet CPL to the network.

Really don’t know where it comes…