Not on Local Network + Streaming

Hello everyone
I’m at the point of ditching my EX2Ultra. Since the upgrade to v5 it’s barely functioned in the way it’s supposed to.

I have 2 Naim hifi devices that used to seamlessly pull music from it but neither can see it currently, despite a network rebuild with everything else working fine (both devices and the WD are on a wired connection).

It’s been suggested that I set up a new share that the devices can see it (a Sonos sees it fine). I can see the files no problem in Explorer (Windows 11). If I open up access via the web, I get the error message that it’s Not On the Local Network when I try to make changes in the settings. I obviously am. If I try the mobile app, again it connects fine but when I try to add a share I’m again told I need to be on the same local network. I’ve changed the network at home to private rather than public, changed SMB 1.0 options as another thread suggested but it’s not making any difference.

Can anyone suggest what might be going on? It could be MS changes judging by some of the comments but there are no error messages that seem to make any sense. First world problems but this is approaching the frustration level normally reserved for printers!

(just a point for any admins reading), as a measure of the level of thought that’s gone into the design of this page why have the Category so short that you can’t select the right one because not all the text is displayed?!

How is the Naim device connecting to the My Cloud? Using SMB, NFS, DLNA or some other method/network protocol?

If using DLNA one may have to install or enable the Twonky Media Server app on OS5 since that app is either not installed or enabled by default when updating to OS5.

My Cloud OS 5: Twonky Server Configuration and Settings

If using SMB one may have to experiment with the My Cloud SMB settings in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network section. One may have to enable NFS in the My Cloud Dashboard Settings as well. AFP is being depreciated by Apple and Western Digital so one should avoid using the AFP protocol.

Couple of troubleshooting suggestions. Connect the device direct to the same router the My Cloud is connected too. Do not use power line adapters or extenders as they may introduce other issues like different IP subnets. Make sure all devices are using the same IP Address range/subnet and that all are using the same workgroup name.

Thank you, there’s a lot to unpack there which I’ll try to find time for. I didn’t have Twonky running pre OS5 and I’m obviously having trouble changing settings as it thinks it’s not on the same network as everything else.