Not Impressed with Remote Access

I decided to invest in my own network storage as I’m not comfortable with all my data stored on someone else’s servers like with Dropbox or Google Drive.  It’s also a trial run for me as I will need to upgrade in the near future to a more complex NAS for business purposes.  The main use of the unit is the remote access via Android and Windows or MAC computers. I’d prefer not to set-up a VPN or FTP and simply use the Cloud software for access.  I am very disappointed with the following features and am looking for any feedback that might help as I’m seriously considering changing to the Seagate Central, it may not clock the same read/write speeds but at least it will have all the features I require.

- Mobile App: No search function??

I have a 4TB Cloud unit with tonnes of content and WD did not add the simple feature of searching for your files? Neither can you view by file type such as documents, music, videos.

- Mobile App: LG Flex “Share” button moves to Downloaded view??

I am using an LG Flex and when I have a file open and select “share” then to “WD Cloud” it puts the file in the download view at which point there is no option to upload.  I guess we are restricted to first opening the WD mobile app and pull files in manually for upload.

- Mobile App: Can’t input access code??

I obtained an access code for verification purposes of my mobile and restricted some access to my folders.  Since I had already signed in the mobile app while on my home network without file restrictions there is no option to input the access code later?  I had to uninstall and reinstall the softare, twice now.

- WD My Cloud: Can’t connect with Macbook?

I read online that a lot of people have problems with connecting Macbooks and sure enough I tried to connect, updated Java on the machine, and nothing.  I can’t view my shares which means I can’t connect remotely.

- WD My Cloud: No simple upload/download feature within web browser??

Not sure I like having to run Java each time to view my shares then connect to view my shares on the computer’s file explorer.  I’d like to see the upload and download feature within the browser for when I’m connecting on a machine where I may not have admin rights to update Java or connect to the shares via explorer in a VPN-like fashion.

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As a recommendation, add the features to the ideas board to see if they can be implemented in future updates.

Link to the ideas board:

I use a Pogoplug Series4 device  (under $20 at Amazon) for my home cloud. Attach some hard drives to it and it works for me and is very accessable, etc.  If you have an extra hard drive, get a Series4 and give it a try.