Not happy with Gen 3 SMP

I’m going to vent a bit about this supposedly mature media player.

I bought this because I want to move the older media player into the rumpus room and put the WDTV in the living room. A lot of people give it good reviews so I bought one. I will admit that it boots faster, gui looks better and navigates a bit faster than my other player, I was also hoping because so many people bought one that it would be good and have good support.

my problem 1: latest firmware 1.08.17 and all previous except for original 1.04  I don’t get dolby digital to my dts/dolby digital compatible receiver via optical cable, I do get dts though. (was happy to live with this by using original firmware).

my problem 2: shoutcast song info does not update. Small problem which I would live with because it does play music.

my problem 3: last straw with firmware 1.08.17. Tried to watch a bluray iso (immortals pal ripped without hd audio with dvdfab) and at high bitrates it stutters, freezes, sound goes off until eventually it can stutter past the scene then it goes back to normal again. Also the forced subs did not work and there was no menu at the beginning.

BTW. All files streamed through wired gigabit network switch from windows 7 shares.

If this was my first media player I would probably accept this as normal and accept the limitations of this technology. But it’s not, my other player doesn’t have any of these problems.

Ahh. I feel better now.

If you are certain that the problem started on the last firmware try doing a rollback

There having some issues reported with ISO but not this one you are having

trying posting the media info