Not getting 5.1 Dolby Digital or DTS Audio through HDMI Cable

Dear users/team

I connected my WD TV Live streamer through HDMI cable to Samsung LED TV.

Then i connected my Home theatre panasonic (which is having Optical input) through Optical Cable from Samsung TV (The TV is Having Dolby , DTS enabled and It works fine with Digital Sattelite reciver with dolby sound through HDMI cable)

Now i did not getting 5.1 Audio from WD TV streamer. i have changed the settings to “Digital pass through HDMI Only”  and select automatic detection and try manual mode also. still i not able to get.

Any one facing this problem / having solution . Please help me.

Selvakumar N


when you connect your wd direct to your home theater via optical cable? od spdif?

My Panasonic TV will Not Pass-through 5.1 through it’s Optical Output via an external source (HDMI/Composite/Component)   

2.0 is all i get from the TV’s Optical out. Most older Tv’s will do this (2.0 output). consult your TV User Manual for more info

So … my working setup for 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital Surround Sound is…

  1. WDTV Live Hub (or SMP) connected to Panasonic TV via HDMI

  2. WDTV Live Hub (or SMP) connected via Optical Output to my Teac Amplifier’s Optical Input

  3. WDTV Live Hub (or SMP) settings set to “Digital Pass Through via Optical Only”

Works fine

P.S. duuri   Optical Audio goes by a few different names … aka SPDIF(optical) and Toslink as well

Optical / SPDIF(optical) / Toslink cable

Dear  JoeySmyth,

Thanx for your valuable reply. i have no problem with optical spdif connection. its work fine and i get Dolby/Dts 5.1 sound exactly.

The problem is , My amplifier have only one Optical input. but i need to connect My WDSMP & My Digital Set top Box to avail 5.1 Audio output.

So i decided to take both device’s HDMI output to TV and then take Optical SPDIF output from TV to Amplifier.

My Set top Box is properly passing Dolby Digital audio through HDMI and My TV also Suppoting that Dolby/Dts (See the Images)

I need the same thing should work on WD/SMP too. I tried lot but i couldn’t able to make it.



ny bad frget that wd dosent have rca jack for spdif. what is the model of your digital set top box and that receiver?

Dear Durri,

This is my connection diagram… I have Videocon D2H HD Set top Box which is giving Dolby Digital audio output through HDMI. here the issue is “Why WD-SMP not giving Dolby through HDMI Cable?”


Have you swapped the HDMI inputs around ?


The Samsung’s (and Panasonic’s) have a dedicated HDMI (ARC) Audio Return Channel which may affect how the sound is ouput.

Yes. I swapped the port and change HDMI cable… same problem.

out of curiosity, can you please post the Model Number of your Samsung TV ?

Model No. 32F4100

find here the rear view detail and sound manual

sorry a bit stumped on this one … sounds like the wd and the samsung sound output don’t like each other.

the only simple solution i can think off is to buy a optical splitter  (they are under $20) which will solve the problem.

For the setup below you’ll need to set the WD to “Pass-Through for Optical Audio”

anyways … i’m all out of ideas.  best of luck