Not finding media on my share?

So I am running wireless. I have 2 folders shared on my WIN 7 x64 machine. When I click on those folders in WDTV LIVE Plus, it says no media in the folder. I have a bunch of AVI and MPEG files in that folder. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you have checked all of these things (including most importantly whether WIndows Live ID assistant is installed on your machine):

Followed those steps, still having same issue. Odd.

Win7 is picky. 

Not only does the FOLDER need to be shared, but every FILE and SUB-FOLDER must have the correct permissions.

I’m assuming you’re doing this “Anonymous” thing, if not, the method will be slightly different.   Just let me know.

Try this:

Go find the folder that contains your SHARED folder.   IE, if you’re sharing C:\itunes, then just open up the ROOT folder.

Right click the Shared Folder and select SHARING.



Make sure EVERYONE is highlighted in the list.

    If EVERYONE is NOT in the list at all, then STOP and go to STEP B.

Under PERMISSIONS for EVERYONE, make sure at least READ is selected.

Click OK until you’re out of all property windows, and click CLOSE on the last one.

See if that works.

Step B

 (use this ONLY if EVERYONE was not listed above.)

Right click your shared folder


Click Selected People

If Everyone is in the list below, select the permissions of AT LEAST READ.

if Everyone is NOT in the list, then Type “Everyone” in the box and click ADD, which will add it to the list,

then set the permissions in the box below to AT LEAST READ.