Not entering Standby mode

PR4100 4 x 3TB
Some months ago my system was always going into Standby mode.
After an update to firmware it has stopped (I think it was 103).
I have messaged WD but their suggestions seem to be just to switch everything off, which I have done.
But still not entering Standby mode. Currently, I’m sure it’s acting as a simple HDD on my system.
Can’t see it on the Windows PC or network.
I’ve done switch off for an hour, 4-second reboot and 40-second reboot. None of them has done a single change to my system.
Anyone any idea’s
Help, please.

Hi @Princy557,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I did contact them, I’ve done all they asked but still not in Standby.
Thanks for the reply
I’ve just raised the problem again, see if I get a better response or suggestions.